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Version 19.403-1

  • Feature: Collector support for Linux ARM/Aarch64 based instances, such as AWS Graviton.
  • Security update: Ant updated to 1.9.16. Fixes CVE-2021-36373 and CVE-2021-36374
  • Security update: Mina-statemachine updated to 2.1.4. Fixes CVE-2021-41973
  • Security update: Netty updated to 4.1.77.Final. Fixes CVE-2021-37136, CVE-2021-37137, CVE-2021-21409, CVE-2021-21295, CVE-2021-21290, CVE-2021-43797 and CVE-2021-21290
  • Bug Fix: Collector not properly escaping double quotes present in Active Directory objects
  • Bug Fix: Retry with skipping events introduced for windows event collection for certain scenarios where bad events were resulting in retry timeouts
  • Known issues when upgrading to this version:
    • Collector running as non-root user. Collector running as non-root user (run as mode) cannot be upgraded through the API/Web UI. It will run and give an error message that the upgrade is not possible. It needs to be upgraded manually on your machine. Steps to manually upgrade.
    • Collector running on Mac. Collector running on a Mac operating system cannot be upgraded through the API/Web UI. It will stop. It needs to be restarted manually on your machine if upgraded using WEB API or UI. Steps to manually restart.
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