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October 6, 2022 - Application Update

Application Update: Minor Changes and Enhancements

  • [Updated] Dynamic severity in rules has been enhanced. Users can now specify ranges of values to match to a specific severity. There are now multiple options, and these options can be combined (the first rule that matches is used; if none match then the default is used):
    • Equal to Exact string or mathematical match ("Equal to 4" will match "4" and 4.0 but not 4.01)
    • Greater than and Less than Mathematical only, not inclusive ("Less than 5" will match 4.9 but not 5)
    • Between Mathematical only, inclusive ("Between 5 and 10" will match 5 or 7 but not 10.1)
    • Not in the record Will match when the attribute is not listed in the record. (if there is no "broirc_value" attribute then this rule will match; if "bro_irc_value" exists but is empty/null, this does _not match)
  • [New] Users can now filter the Signals list based on the type of Rule that generated the Signal (Match, Chain, Aggregation, etc.)
  • [New] Users can now perform negative keyword searches ("not:aws" would return all objects that do not include the keyword "aws")
  • [New] Entity domain normalization can now be managed via Terraform
  • [New] Users can now configure the Email Action to send emails in plain text in addition to the previously supported multipart HTML5/text format
  • [New] Changes to the Insight Threshold are now noted in the Audit Log
  • [Deleted] As previously announced, the IBM Resilient and Sensor actions have been removed from CSE

Resolved Issues

  • Match list items were not matching properly in some instances, such as after deletion
  • Keyword searches did not properly support values (such as hostnames) with embedded dashes
  • Changes to prototype state were not visible in the rule history
  • In some cases, the system was parsing domain names/TLDs incorrectly

Content Release

Log Mappers

  • [New] Azure Application Service Console Logs
  • [New] Google G Suite Alert Center - Sensitive Admin Action
  • [Updated] Azure Event Hub - Windows Defender Logs - DeviceAlertEvents


  • [Updated] /Parsers/System/Google/G Suite Alert Center

Legacy Parsers

  • [Updated] Twistlock_Logs
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