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May 3, 2023 - Application Update

Cloud SIEM Insight Trainer

We are excited to announce the release of Cloud SIEM Insight Trainer, a dashboard packaged with the CSE Application.

Many security teams spend time every week tuning their SIEM to improve detections and focus SOC analyst attention on the most serious threats. Insight Trainer utilizes machine learning to provide Rule tuning recommendations and severity adjustments to significantly reduce the burden of manual tuning. Insight Trainer learns Rule severity adjustments from your Insights' history that reduces false positive, and optionally, "No Action" Insights.

Cloud SIEM Insight Trainer

Some of the highlights of Insight Trainer include:

  • Customer-Specific Tuning Recommendations - Insight Trainer makes recommendations specific to each customer based on their unique set of Rules, Insight history, and analyst Insight resolutions.
  • Improved SOC Efficiency - Insight Trainer automates the manual process of identifying Rules that are candidates for tuning or severity adjustment and provides impact analysis of the changes.
  • Machine Learning/AI-Driven Analytics - Insight Trainer leverages machine learning and AI to deliver outcome-based recommendations geared towards the reduction of false positive and non-actionable Insights without compromising the actual detection value or true positive Insights in Cloud SIEM.
  • Easy Adoption - The dashboard is available as an update to our already existing Enterprise Audit Cloud SIEM application and can be set up to run with no additional configuration or data science knowledge.

Periodic application of the recommended changes will improve the quality of Insights generated by Cloud SIEM. For more information about the Insight Trainer, see our detailed online documentation.

Bug Fixes

  • On the Insight Related Entities list, some of the Signal counts were incorrect.
  • Whitespace, including new lines, were being stripped from some Enrichments formatted in JSON.
  • Indicators not using the proper case were being accepted but displaying as "NotFlagged" in the UI.
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