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November 20, 2023 - Content Release

This release introduces several new integrations, including Prisma Cloud, alongside various integrations that have been migrated and are now accessible through App Central.

We've also improved multiple integrations and introduced new actions, implemented various general fixes and enhancements.


  • [New] CylanceProtect*
  • [New] ESMTP*
  • [New] Elasticsearch V2*
  • [New] EnergyLogserver*
  • [New] FortiSIEM*
  • [New] Gmail*
  • [New] Javelin AD Protect*
  • [New] Lastline Analyst*
  • [New] POP3*
  • [New] Prisma Cloud
  • [New] Triage Tools*
  • [New] ZIP Tools*
  • [Updated] Basic Tools
    • Added new action: Payload Regex
  • [Updated] Sumo Logic
    • Following Actions Updated:
      • Updated Action: Aggregates Sumo Logic Daemon
      • Updated Action: Search Metrics
      • Updated Action: Search Sumo Logic Daemon
  • [Updated] VMware Carbon Black Cloud Platform
    • Updated with new Cloud SOAR API
* These integrations have been migrated and are now available in this release.
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