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Alert Grouping


New - We’re happy to announce the release of Alert Grouping, which allows you to generate more than one alert from a given monitor by specifying a group condition on one or more fields. For example, rather than creating multiple monitors for each service, you could create one single monitor that notifies you when some metric (i.e., CPU utilization, error count) goes above the threshold for a given service. Learn more.

New - Configurable Resolution Window for Logs allows more quickly resolve alerts when the underlying issues are fixed. You can configure how long a monitor will wait, before resolving the alert, when the underlying issues was corrected (earlier the monitor waited one complete window before resolving). Learn more.

New - You can now access your monitor playbook as a template variable, {{playbook}}. You can reference this template variable to customize your notification payloads similar to any other template variable. Learn more.

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