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Metrics Operators and Charts Enhancements (Metrics)

We've released two metrics updates.

Update - Expanded support for thresholds in metrics charts. We've expanded support for setting Warning and Critical threshold values for metrics query results in charts. Now, you can define threshold metrics values in the Chart view for Time Series panels, and for these chart types for Categorical panels: Line, Area, Bar, Column, and Table. For more information, see Set Warning and Critical Thresholds.

Update - Unified where and filter metrics operators. We have merged the functionality of the filter metrics operator into the where operator. Previously you could use the filter operator to filter out time series, and the where operator to filter out data points within a time series. Now, the updated where operator supports filtering by time series and by data point. For more information, see where Metrics Operator.


The filter operator is still supported, but will be deprecated in the future.

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