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Enhanced Trace Query Visualizations (Traces)

We've enhanced the Trace Query Visualizations screen by adding five new aggregation charts alongside the existing Trace duration breakdown chart. These charts provide more insights into the behavior and performance of your application. Aggregating traces allows you to quickly identify anomalies and unexpected behaviors, resulting in a shorter Time-to-Resolution (TTR) and a higher Return on Investment (ROI). The new aggregate charts are available as time-series or histogram and cover the following three metrics:

  • Trace duration
  • Error count
  • Span count

The new aggregate charts are:

  • Trace duration as timeseries
  • Trace duration as histogram
  • Error count as timeseries
  • Error count as histogram
  • Span count as timeseries
  • Span count as histogram

To access the new charts, simply navigate to the Traces screen and select a subset of comparable traces (such as the same transaction type). Then, click on Show Chart. You can use the dropdown menus to choose from the duration/errors/spans (per trace) and timeseries/histogram options. With these choices, you'll now have a total of six charts to help you better understand the profile of your traces.

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