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Partner Integrations

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Sumo Logic Partner Integrations are provided and supported by our partner network. The partner links provide detailed information on their Sumo Logic integration, as well as pointers to related documentation created and maintained by them.

  • Demisto integration with Sumo Logic allows you to define one or more Sumo Logic searches that can create security incident types (e.g., DoS, Exploit, Exfiltration) in Demisto. Demisto runs these Sumo Logic searches via the Sumo Logic search API. For more details, see the Demisto documentation.
  • Harness Continuous Verification integration with Sumo Logic allows you to verify your deployments and live production applications. Harness uses the Sumo Logic search API to query application data. For more details see the Harness documentation.

For any questions on these Partner Integrations, contact our partners.

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