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Deprecation of Legacy Ingest Budgets V1 – Action Required by September 9, 2024 (Manage)

In November 2020, we introduced Ingest Budgets V2, offering greater flexibility and granularity in metadata and fields within the ingest budget definition. Despite this update, existing V1 budgets continued to function as originally defined while only allowing V2 budgets for all new configurations going forward.

On September 9. 2024, Sumo Logic will deprecate and remove the existing V1 Ingest Budgets that remain defined in customer instances.

To ensure uninterrupted service, review your current ingest budgets under Manage Data > Collection > Ingest Budgets. Identify any budgets tagged as V1 and, if still needed, edit and upgrade them to V2 before the deprecation date.


After September 9, 2024, any legacy ingest budgets that are not migrated will be automatically removed, resulting in the loss of ingestion limitation functionality.

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