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February 19, 2024 - Content Release

This release includes new log mapping and parsing content for Druva Cyber Resilience:

Log Mappers

  • [New] Druva Cyber Resilience - Admin Logon
  • [New] Druva Cyber Resilience - Catch All


  • [New] /Parsers/System/Druva/Druva Cyber Resilience

Bug Fixes

  • Recently, two rules, FIRST-S00052 and FIRST-S00049, were released to customers erroneously. Soon after, these rules started generating false positive Signals and Insights. We have removed those rules from all customer environments so they can be tuned properly and re-released after comprehensive testing. The process error that led to the release has been identified and corrected. Sumo Logic apologizes for the inadvertent Signals and Insights this error generated. If needed, please contact Support for assistance in closing the Insights.
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