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Start or Stop a Collector using Scripts

Sumo Logic Collectors start automatically at system startup. The Sumo Logic Collector installation directory comes with a set of scripts used to start, stop, and check the status of the Collector process (Linux/Unix) and service (Windows).

Manually restarting or stopping a Sumo Logic Collector requires root (Mac and Linux) or Administrator (Windows) privileges.

Linux/Unix and Mac

To start, stop, or check the status of the Collector, run one of the following commands from the Collector installation directory.

  • sudo ./collector start
  • sudo ./collector stop
  • sudo ./collector status
  • sudo ./collector restart


Use these commands to install, start, or stop the Collector as a service, respectively.

  • InstallCollector-NT.bat
  • startCollectorService.bat
  • stopCollectorService.bat

You can start and stop the Collector with a Windows NET.EXE command since the Collector runs as a Windows service.

  • net start sumo-collector
  • net stop sumo-collector
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