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January 25, 2024 - Content Release

This release introduces new integrations, as well as new Playbooks related to Cloud Infrastructure Security for AWS.


  • [New] Axonius
  • [New] OneTrust
  • [New] AWS Network Firewall
  • [Updated] Azure AD
    • Added New Action: Get Member Groups
  • [Updated] AWS IAM
    • Added New Action: Update Access Key
  • [Updated] Slack
    • Updated action: Ask Question
  • [Updated] AWS EC2
    • Updated action: Stop Instance
  • [Updated] Atlassian Jira*
    • Several changes have been made. This update introduces BREAKING CHANGES: both the Output Mapping and Input fields have been revised and updated. This version is specific to Jira Server and Data Center.

* These integrations have been migrated and are now available in this release.


  • [New] 540 - EC2 instance accessed from malicious IP
  • [New] 539 - Amazon GuardDuty InstanceCredentialExfiltration finding
  • [New] 538 - Admin Privileges Granted
  • [New] 537 - Amazon GuardDuty BruteForce finding
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