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February 6, 2024 - Application Update

New Documentation for the Cloud SOAR SaaS version​

We are excited to announce the following new documentation for features in our Cloud SOAR SaaS version:

  • Features:
  • Open Integration Framework:
    • Integration Builder allows you to build integrations without needing to provide code
    • Integrations, and related action execution, can be done in the cloud or through the Bridge. Only certified integrations can be executed in the cloud.
    • Certified integrations allow you to customize JSON and table output schema
    • Actions configuration during playbook design is rearranged for easier use
  • Architecture:
    • Fully-functional in the Cloud (the Bridge is only required for custom integrations)
    • User and profile management is in Sumo Logic core platform instead of Cloud SOAR
    • Automatic scalability based on server load
    • Cloud SOAR APIs are standardized to use the same infrastructure as APIs in the Sumo Logic core platform
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