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Best Practices

This page describes the recommended best practices for high performance Dashboards.

  • Rate limiting may be experienced when there are more than 20 concurrent queries. Limiting the number of panels to below 20 will ensure optimal performance for your dashboards.
  • Optimize your queries to scan the least amount of data by using partitions and/or the most narrow source categories. When possible, also consider using Scheduled View(s) to ensure optimal performance.
  • For most viewed dashboards, enable Auto-Refresh at a five-minute interval. This places compatible panel queries into our continuous query pipeline, allowing for nearly instant execution.

Dashboard Throttling

Sumo Logic implements multiple layers of throttling to ensure a balanced system load, which protects you and Sumo Logic from performance degradation. The throttling mechanism is applied on a per-user basis and is as detailed below:

  • Panel queries. Sumo Logic limits concurrency to 10 queries per user, to a maximum of two nodes per user across all sessions. It's important to note that if a panel contains multiple queries, each query will be counted separately towards the concurrency limit.
  • Template variable queries. Sumo Logic applies throttling to template variable queries separately, limiting them to a maximum of 10 concurrent queries per user across all sessions.
  • Scheduled export. Sumo Logic applies throttling on scheduled exports to five concurrent jobs per user, each with a timeout of five minutes.

By implementing these throttling measures, you can prevent performance degradation due to spikes in load and traffic.

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